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Preparing our community for emergencies, equipping our first responder agencies with necessary tools, and supporting them with counseling services and community education.

Dear One805 Members & Supporters,

Your support is making a positive impact and helping to keep our community safe during the COVID-19 emergency. Thanks to YOUR donations, One805 has purchased 45 decontamination foggers for all Police, Fire and Sheriff Departments across Santa Barbara County.  We continue to collect and distribute lifesaving PPE, which can be mailed or dropped by our office at 2000 State Street. One805 successfully fund-raised for mobile sleeping quarters needed by our local first responding teams.  As one of our community preparedness and response programs, One805 communicates emergency notices specific to our county via One805 Twitter . To show our love and support, One805 sponsored the North County Marion Medical Center appreciation event and delivered 180 flower bouquets to South County first responders.

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