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Preparing our community for emergencies, equipping our first responder agencies with necessary tools, and supporting them with counseling services and community education.
One805 Community And Police Relations

One805 Community and Police Relations

Dear Santa Barbara County:
One805 strongly condemns brutality in all forms.
We strongly condemn racism in all forms.
We strongly condemn those who exploit tragedy for personal gain.
One805 stands with all who advocate for a free and fair society where character matters,
regardless of race, religion, age, gender, gender preference, ability, or nationality.
We celebrate the right to protest and to speak and assemble freely.
One805 was created to thank Santa Barbara County’s brave First Responders who continually
protect and serve our community by ensuring our public safety through fires, floods, crime and all emergencies.
We are a community based public charity, dedicated to
 prepare Santa Barbara County for emergencies;
equip our first responders in a manner that helps them to help us;
and support our first responders who are often our brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors,
working in a difficult job that benefits us all.
During this tumultuous time, we ask you to remember the extraordinary contribution
of our first responders who keep us safe through natural and manmade disasters and emergencies.
A strong and engaged police force is essential to a resilient community.
We ask you to join us in recognizing and appreciating the many heroic efforts that our first responders make on behalf of us all,
often at serious risk to their own lives.
 Listen to all who have righteous criticism of improper treatment
and also listen to our First Responders who need support to ensure our public safety.
It is possible to support those who have been marginalized, while also supporting our First Responders.
We are one community, we are one people, we are One805!

One805 is a Public Charity supporting Santa Barbara County Emergency Programs & First Responders

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