A message from the One805 President
A message from Richard Weston-Smith, President of One805

One805 has two unique advantages over any other non-profit in this sector, and both are interlinked:


We are the only organization to support all three primary First Responder agencies in Santa Barbara County. One donation helps all three.

All the Chiefs of the Santa Barbara County First Responder departments sit on the One805 Advisory Council, and are directly involved with the decisions of where funding is directed. This ensures that funds are quickly go where they are most needed at any given time, regardless of the department.

There are so many things Santa Barbara County’s first responding agencies need that cannot be provided from their budgets, so community support has become the only way to fill the need. Whether it be un-budgeted safety items or equipment for which immediate funding is required, assistance to support their mental health, or help in strengthening emergency and disaster preparedness in our communities.

Bill Brown on the impact of One805
Bill Brown on the impact of One805
Kevin Taylor on the impact of One805
Kevin Taylor on the impact of One805
Chris Mailes on the impact of One805
Chris Mailes on the impact of One805
Greg Fish on the impact of One805
Greg Fish on the impact of One805
Mark Hartwig on the impact of One805
Mark Hartwig on the impact of One805

Grant Awards

heart icon 2021 Grant Awards
  • - Santa Maria Fire, 10 Rosetta Stone language licenses.
  • - Santa Maria Police, Two Drones.
  • - SB City Fire, (6) 300’ sections of rope and (23) alloy carabiners.
  • - SB County Sheriff, (19) Face shields (1) helmet.
  • - SB Police, USB Hardware decipher device.
  • - Guadalupe Police & Fire Dept, Chain saw, Rotary saw, car Rescue Strut.
heart icon 2020 Grant Awards
  • - SB County Sheriff/Fire Air Operations Unit, (3) QRET Helicopter Harnesses.
  • - Health and Public Safety, COVID 19 Appreciation Event.
  • - All Sheriff, Police and Fire Departments in Santa Barbara County, (45) Electric Decontaminating Foggers, to fight COVID-19.
heart icon 2019 Grant Awards
  • - SB Sheriff’s Special Enforcement Team and SB Police SWAT Team, Tactical Robot.
  • - SB Police, Lip Sync video.
  • - SB County Fire Chief’s Association Incident Management Team, Modem.
heart icon 2018 Grant Awards
  • - First Responders, Appreciation music festival for over 3,000 First Responders and their families 'The Kick Ash Bash'
  • - SB City Fire, Emergency Equipment & Mobile Command Unit w/County Fire.
  • - SB County Fire, Emergency Equipment & Mobile Command Unit w/City Fire.
  • - Montecito Fire Department, New Generator.
  • - Carpinteria/Summerland Fire, Emergency Equipment plus Polaris Ranger.
  • - SB Police, Mobile Command Unit.
  • - SB County Sheriff, Truck & Mobile Command Unit Trailer.
  • - Direct Relief, 1/9 Victims Fund.
  • - At Ease, Counseling Services.
  • - Montecito Fire Department, New Generator.
  • - SB Scholarship Foundation, First Responder’s Children’s College Scholarships.
  • - SB Equine Evacuation Program, Evacuated Animals.
  • - SB Search & Rescue, Support K-9’s used in rescues.
  • - US Forest Service, Various Equipment.
  • - 93108, To help local employees disenfranchised.

Case Studies

First Responders care for our families, now lets care for theirs.

As the Thomas Fire marched inexorably along the 101 in 2017, Firefighters saved the small community of Rincon Beach; not a single home was damaged. Still deeply grateful, long-time resident Alexa Fullerton, in partnership with One805, generously offered her stunning house on Rincon Beach to allow firefighters to recuperate, recharge and spend quality time with their families. “This fire season, firefighters have been on the line for 30 days at a time” said Santa Barbara County Fire Chief Mark Hartwig. “They get two or three days off and then they are either back at the fire station, or they are deployed to another fire.

Carpinteria-Summerland, Montecito, Santa Barbara City, Lompoc, Guadalupe, Santa Maria and Santa Barbara County fire departments each selected one firefighter. The firefighter and their family are then gifted seven nights on Rincon Beach, where they can spend quality time with their immediate family, watch the kids play safely on the beach and fall asleep to the sound of the waves.

Helping the Sheriff's Dive team see clearly.

The Sheriff's dive team were still using antiquated partial face masks that were ill-suited to the often murky and dangerous conditions they were forced to operate in. When this was brought to our attention, One805 talked to Sheriff Bill Brown, and were quickly able to allocate $10,000 of grant funds towards purchasing new full-face masks for the dive team. These are safer, protect the divers from contaminants and can also be later upgraded to offer radio communications