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Kristen Halbeisen - Fire Engineer, Santa Barbra Co FD

Kristen Halbeisen is a Fire Engineer at Station 38 in Gaviota.

Growing up with her father without limbs drove her and her twin sister towards endurance training and their careers in the fire department.  They can face any challenge and there isn’t anything they won’t do for others. Their lives have purpose, they don’t want others to end up like their father.

Kristen began in wild-land firefighting on a Hot Shot crew for eight years, then worked for several years in the Santa Maria Fire Dept.  From there she sought to challenge herself by moving up to Fire Engineer and joining the all-risk department in Gaviota where they deal with the gamut of emergency calls: vehicle accidents, structure fires, medical incidents and water rescue, as well as what she has much experience on, wild-land fires.  Her twin sister Marissa is also a Fire Engineer for SB County Fire and they currently both work at Station 38.

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