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One805Live! Sunstone

April 16, 2023

“Join us at One805LIVE! on April 16th at Sunstone Winery, for Ed Roth & The Session Kings, with Andy Vargas, Santana’s lead vocalist for the past two decades. It promises to be a unique afternoon of music, gourmet cuisine, and exquisite wine - all of which are included in the ticket price! The gathering will showcase six of the best session and touring musicians in the world, who have played with many of the world’s most renowned rock stars. The impressive lineup boasts an eclectic mix of Jazz, R&B, and Latin Rock performances, featuring keyboardist Ed Roth, guitarist Linda Taylor, bassist Travis Davis, drummer Leo Costa, percussionist Rock Deadrick, and Andy Vargas. All proceeds from the event will go towards supporting First Responders of Santa Barbara County.", “The One805LIVE! Airbus will offer a shuttle service from Santa Barbara to Sunstone and back! Get there and back in safety and comfort!! Tickets available now.”


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